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Foster manufactures car audio speakers and components for many of the most popular car audio companies around the world. We also provide speakers for several major automobile manufacturers. "Families" of speakers are available in all of the typical car audio sizes (3.5", 4", 4" x 6", 5.25",5" x 7", 6", 6.5" and, of course, 6" x 9"). Our cabinet factory in Valencia, California has full capabilities for building carpeted subwoofer enclosures and bass tubes.

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We have a wide selection of drivers to choose from, however, much of what we build is designed to our customers' specifications.
There are also a many different types of cone materials available including polycarbonates, polypropelenes, woven glass fibers, and even cone paper made from the banana plant.

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What you see here are a couple of custom plastic injection molded speaker enclosures which we built for an OEM automotive application for a major car maker.
Stamped steel frames don't have to be flat black anymore. Discover the rich look of custom plated steel frames.

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The ultra-thin speakers you see at the left are another example of Foster's intuitive enginuity.
We designed these speakers to fit in the low-profile doors of today's and tomorrow's new vehicles.
These days, car audio enthusiasts demand performance. And to many, that means power handling capability as well as crisp, clean, hard-pounding BASS. The monster shown here features an over-sized surround and extended cone reinforcement. On the back side is a whole lot of motor. It features a 4-layer voice coil, a dual spider configuration and pounds and pounds of magnet. Major SPL! For more information about Foster woofers, click here.

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