Fullrange Speaker Drivers

50mm Frame
25mm Voice Coil!

Two inch speakers never sounded so good.
This fullrange driver packs a mean 1 inch voice coil into a 2 inch frame. Originally designed with home theater in mind, this driver can also be used in OEM TV, computer and multimedia applications.

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50mm25vc.jpg (14139 bytes) Here's another look at our 50mm fullrange speaker driver showing a sideview of it's relatively massive voice coil. The motor consists of multiple layers of neodymium magnets which are shielded from stray magnetic flux (great beside a CRT).

TV Speakers

Foster has been building fullrange drivers for many brand-name television and computer manufacturers for years. Speaker frames are available with off-set mounting tabs for quick and easy installation on your production line.


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These "Twin-Drive" fullrange speakers were developed for applications in which space is very limited either vertically or horizontally.
Each of two motors share a common cone.
The result: Better power-handling and SPL.

The "Track Voice Coil" Speaker

This unique driver houses a race-track-shaped voice coil, putting more wire in the gap and distributing it's force more symetrically. Currently available in the following sizes:
17mm x 40mm   
20mm x 40mm
30mm x 100mm 
40mm x 70mm   
50mm x 90mm
5" x 7"            
6" x 9"               
8" x 12"



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