Foster Headphones & Headsets

For years Foster has been manufacturing headphones, headsets and earsets for companies in the audio, communication and aviation industries.
And although we have a wide selection of predesigned products from which to choose, we possess all the resources and abilities to build custom units based on your specifications.



Foster's latest headphone design was made to be worn as shown at left. One of the obvious benefits of this headphone design is that the user will not mess their hair.

Click on the links below to see the specifications for some of our more popular headphones.

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See model P402522         See model P402524



The earset Heather is wearing (above), model P401448, can be worn in either ear, and fits securely and unobtrusively. Probably because of its "space-age" look, this earset has been widely used by actors in many television and motion pictures.








Earset Model P401X096

The earset shown at left is very easy to put on (either ear), features an over-the-ear receiver speaker, flexible microphone boom, noise-canceling microphone and a cool shirt clip with a built-in mute button.  It also comes with interchangable polymer inserts in various colors for a more secure fit.


This new headset on the right was designed for computer gaming applications and features a high-quality 23mm receiver speaker, a noise-canceling microphone, a heavy-duty flexible microphone boom and a patented boom rotator mechanism which prevents the cord from being damaged while the microphone boom is being rotated.

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