I appreciate your precious time for continuous visits to our Foster home page.
Since its inception in 1949, we have kept supplying a variety of technologies and products to the sound world as a sound professional.
Nowadays, we see a lot of electronics products around us in the world and this helps us communicate among the people and also brings us with a new bud of a variety of culture toward a remarkable step ahead.
In the midst of the digitization of the signal, our world of acoustic industries has showed a tangible growth. But we more or less stay in the analogue technology for the interface between people and equipment. I believe that those kinds of technologies are cultivated by compiling a variety of experience, proficient skills and know-how inside the company.
We are committed to continuously focus to seek for the best solution as an interface between people and equipment in every corner of the sound world with our buzzword, "Sound surrounds you, there is Foster".
Moreover, we wish to further enforce CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in our society and will pursue an improvement of the corporate value as well as achievement of environmental protection.
We ask for your continuous patronage toward Foster in the new age.






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