Micro Acoustic Transducers ("MAT")

A full lineup of High-Precision, High-Quality Audio Products to Meet Diversified Needs.
Foster provides a full line of sleek, ultra-mini microspeakers that are ideal for micro-cassette recorders, pocket radios, portable recorders, cellular phones, portable phones and laptop computers. They are developed and engineered through the full use of Foster's rich store of audio technologies. With the advent of multimedia, Foster offers high-precision, high-quality audio products in strong demand, such as telephone capsules, microphone capsules and headphone capsules.

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Cellular Phone Micro-recievers

These micro-size transducers are designed specifically for ultra-slim cellular phones and PDA's and are as slim as a nickel.. Electrical contacts are available in spring terminal formats, slide-in card-type connections for ease of installation and connection, or standard solder point terminations.

See the specifications for a few of our cellular phone micro-receivers by clicking these links: Model T013TX
Model T020TX
Model T023S03
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General Purpose MAT Speakers

In addition to our ever-popular round microspeakers, we also have a variety of rectangular-frame oval designs. This form factor has become the favorite of many engineers whom have limited space to work with but demand high performance at the same time. We also have full capabilities of building custom, ported, plastic enclosures which maximize the microspeaker's low-end response. Click here for close-up view.

Communications MAT Speakers

The microspeakers shown at right are designed for communications equipment such as headphones, telephones and 2-way radio microphones. For 2-way radio, hand-held microphones we offer speakers which are made from moisture-resistant mylar materials which hold up well in harsh climate.

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Hearing Aid Compatible Micro-Receivers

Several of Foster's headphone capsules are specifically designed to be hearing aid-compatible. These receiver units meet specifications on alternating magnetic flux specified in EIA RS-504. In addition to conventional sound emission, these recievers are designed to generate an alternate magnetic field proportional to input sound currents, thereby allowing a pickup coil inside a hearing aid to pick up the magnetic signals and to amplify them. That is, a person who has difficulty in hearing can talk with a telephone without being disturbed by environmental noises.

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Dynamic Microphone Elements

Foster builds several types of dynamic microphone elements for the communications industry. One of the more interesting is our "Bone-Conduction Microphone" (in lower right-hand corner of the picture). This element was originally designed for the military so that soldiers could communicate with each other.

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