Multimedia Speaker Systems

Please take a look at some of the multimedia speaker designs that we have done for some of our customers. Foster has the resources to design a custom system, or we can build a system based on your own engineer's design.
The multimedia speakers shown here feature both cloth and metal grills. Just supply us with your artwork and we'll put your logo right on the front of each speaker. media6.jpg (7769 bytes)
media5.jpg (9540 bytes) This multimedia speaker system features an on-board amplifier and controls for volume, surround sound effects, bass, treble and balance. It also has a headphone jack. The cabinets can be made from a variety of plastics, or even cast aluminum.
Many of our customers are opting for the addition of a separate, amplified subwoofer to compliment the satellite speakers. The subwoofer can be placed on the desktop or on the floor. In either case, the subwoofer will add a rich-sounding bass response to the multimedia experience. media1.jpg (9947 bytes)
How about a soft look using color-matching grill cloth? The unit shown here houses a 5 1/4" woofer and a 3/4" mylar tweeter, slightly tilted upwards to optimize the directional characteristics of the high frequencies. eggs.jpg (11640 bytes)

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