For years, Foster has produced quality, high-efficiency tweeters for the Hi Fi, Car Audio and Professional Sound industries; from the little 14mm hi fi tweeters to our powerful professional horn tweeter products.

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Our engineers are constantly busy developing higher performance tweeters such as the two neodymium-powered dome tweeters at left.

Dual Voice Coil Tweeter

The tweeter shown at right features a 25mm dome diaphragm, dual magnets and a dual voice coil configuration for higher power handling and heat dissipation.

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Ribbon Tweeter

The photo illustrated at left  represents one of Foster's latest and most exiting advances in ribbon tweeter technology. This little workhorse has been rated to produce frequencies far above the rest. Can you just imagine a tweeter going out to 100KHz?

Bayonet Mount Tweeter

This high-performance dome tweeter on the right can be used with various faceplates. Foster will soon unviel a new tweeter with this "Bayonet" style of interchangability which will reproduce frequencies up to 70 KHz!

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Professional Horn Tweeters

Fostex and Foster Professional Horn Tweeters are the renowned leader in the Professional Sound and Musical Instrument industries and are used by many of the most respected names in the business.

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