For years, Foster has been on a continual quest to design better perfoming woofers. This venture has led to the development of new types of cone materials, magnet/motor designs, suspension materials and new frame designs. The various woofers shown here were designed for use in hi fi, home theater and car audio systems.

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We have also developed many different composite materials which we incorporate into our woofer cones, adding to the cone's stiffness while at the same time reducing its weight.
We manufacture our own cone paper from bulk paper pulp at our factories, often times adding exotic agricultural or metallic materials to achieve specific desired results. With the planet's welfare in mind, we have successfully developed strong, yet light, cone materials from wild plants which grow 12 feet in just one year. We even make cone paper from the banana plant.

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One important factor which must be taken into consideration when building high-powered speakers is what to do with excess heat. Recently, we have designed a motor structure which acts as a heat sink
This Monster will sport a dish-type aluminum or injected poly cone, dual spiders and dual 2 inch ventilated voice coils, all housed in a heavy duty heatsink-type motor casing for greater efficiency and heat dissipation.

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One of our newer woofer designs, our "Multi-bias" woofer, utilizes a dual magnet structure wrapped around a large vented pole piece. This allows us to use a large voice coil (starting at 5" in diameter) which travels along the outside of the magnets. A dual spider is used for proper alignment of the voice coil.
For our dual spider configuration, Foster has developed this special technique of forming flat tinsel wires right into the spider itself. This makes for an effective and reliable way to route the tinsel wires and keeps them from touching the opposite spider. Spiderwl.jpg (11227 bytes)

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